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Ice Cold BoomMr BoomerjacA Hollywood Princess2012CremelloColt
Boom Dun HollywoodMr BoomerjacA Hollywood Princess2011Red DunColt
Bob Boom OlenaMr BoomerjacAnn Olena Guard2008PalominoMareSOLD$8,500+
PendingMr BoomerjacOne Dumb BlondeFilly
Bobs Little BoomMr BoomerjacOne Dumb Blonde2011PalominoColt
SNO SmartA Smart EnterpriseChex N Olena2009SorrelFilly
Little Wimpy DunitVideoWimpys Little StepDunit For Good2007PalominoGeldingSOLD
PendingMr BoomerjacHolly Dun2012Cremello
PendingMr BoomerjacHolly Dun2011PalominoFilly
Frisky BusinessVideoA Smart EnterpriseHolly Dun2009PalominoGelding$10,000+
A Smart OrioleA Smart EnterpriseIma Bay Surprise2010SorrelFilly$10,000
A Surprise BoomMr BoomerjacIma Bay Surprise2011BuckskinFillySOLD
Mr Jac BoomMr BoomerjacJacs Miss D Two2010PalominoColt
Cruisin On ChromeVideoCustom ChromeJokers Sunny Jac2009ChestnutStallionSOLD$17,000+
Custom CrackerjacVideoCustom ChromeOne Dumb Blonde2008SorrelGeldingSOLD$25,000+
Smart Like MagicA Smart EnterpriseOne Dumb Blonde2010SorrelColt
PendingMr BoomerjacOne Dumb Blonde2012Palomino
Chromeless MercedesChromed Out MercedesStarry Future2012BayFilly
Boomed Out MercedesChromed Out MercedesStarry Future2012BayFillySOLD
Starry Special NiteGunners Special NiteStarry Future2012SorrelColt
GT Tag The GeymWhiz N Tag ChexThe Shining Jewel2010ChestnutColt
GT Texas RedSkeets PeppyThe Shining Tower2009SorrelGeldingSOLD$7,500+
Time SquareA Smart EnterpriseHolly Dun2004PalominoGelding$7,500$22,000
Singo BuenoVideoBueno ChexinicOne Dumb Blonde2007BuckskinGeldingSOLD$2,100
Pepped Up EnterpriseA Smart EnterprisePeppy Lano Lil2005SorrelGeldingSOLD$2,100
Ms Jessie BoomVideo

Mr BoomerjacOne Dumb Blonde2012Filly
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We are looking forward to another successful show season in 2014 and wish all of our riders the best of luck and know that their hard work and dedication will pay off!!!