Board Contract

  • Board and Care Agreement Terms of Service

    A: ARRIVAL OF HORSES: Customers/owners are required to pay for a full month in advance when horse is placed in board/training. B: BOARD AND CARE: Customers/owners agree to pay for cost of board/training in advance. For example, customers agree to pay in full on May 1 for the cost of board/training during the month of May. Customers/owners grant a lien to Summer Wind Farm for all unpaid expenses. Boarding/training fees are subject to change with a 30 days prior notice to all customers. C: MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSE: Invoices will be mailed out on the first of each month that include the cost of board/training for the upcoming month. In addition to the Board, customer will pay Summer Wind Farm for all other expenses related to the care etc. of each customer’s horse(s) including, but not limited to medications, hauling, show fees, and any other expenses that the boarder may deem necessary for the proper boarding of the customer/owner’s horse(s). D: EMERGENCY CARE: In the event of injury, illness, or other medical situations, or in the event of an emergency requiring immediate care, customers/owners consent to all medical treatment necessary. Customer/owners also gives Summer Wind Farm permission to provide necessary emergency medical care and/or seek veterinarian care on their behalf. Customer/owner understands that they will be responsible for all medical expenses. E: PAYMENTS AND LATE FEES: All invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT. Any further account not paid in full by the next billing cycle (payments must be received no later than last day of the month) will be charged a 18% interest on the balance due. Customers/owner hereby grants Summer Wind Farm a lien upon said horse(s) for any and all unpaid charges, costs and expenses made the subject of this agreement. F: LIABILITY/INSURANCE: When dealing with animals, unfortunately many accidents and occasionally a death may occur. The customer/owner therefore agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Summer Wind Farm Inc ./ Robert J. and/or Debra L. LaPorta/ employees or third persons from any and all liability or responsibility for accident, damage, injury or illness to the Undersigned or any horse(s) owned by the undersigned or to any family member or spectator accompanying the Undersigned on the premises or in the care of ( ie. while transporting or at shows) Summerwind Farm/Robert J LaPorta / Debra L. LaPorta/ employees or third persons regardless of cause. We recommend that the customer/owner procure and maintain mortality and major insurance policy on their horse(s). G: COMMISSION: Customer/owner agrees to pay a ten percent (10%) sales commission on any of the customer’s/owners horses that are sold while in possession of Summer Wind Farm or if sold to someone that Summer Wind Farm has shown the horse to within six months after leaving Summer Wind Farm possession. H: PICKING UP YOUR HORSE: Please note that all accounts must be PAID IN FULL before any horse(s) can be released. If you plan to pay your account balance at the time of pickup, it must be paid with cash, cashiers check, or money order only. Refunds will not be made for horses taken home before end of the paid month, unless prior arrangements have been made. Also, arrangements must be made with Summer Wind Farm or Robert J. LaPorta if someone other than the owner will be picking up your horse. Please speak to someone in person or on the phone, do not rely on phone messages to inform us of your plans to pick up your horse. No unauthorized persons will be allowed to remove horses from the premises. In the best interest of both the owner and the trainer, please alert Summer Wind Farm or Robert J. LaPorta if someone other that the owner will be picking up your horse. This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties” assigns, heirs, executors and administrators. The parties acknowledge that this agreement is made and shall be entirely performed with the state of Maryland and shall be enforced under the laws of this State. Conditions and prices are subject to change with 30 days prior notice in writing to all customers. I have read the above fees and conditions and agree to them as written:
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