Gato Del Corazon

This big 15.2 hand bay gelding is eligible for both Novice Horse classes. He can be a great starter horse for your Rookie Pro rider to go win a title on. He can be an asset in your lesson Program, or if you need a horse for you Green Rider or Rookie Rider this is your horse.

Poetic Justice

This big Palomino 5yr old gelding is ready to be your Derby Horse in the Open or as a Non Pro horse. “Jarvis”  is eligible for Novice Horse 2 . Jarvis is a huge stopping boy. He is worth your time to come look at this boy for sure.

Boomed Out Mercedes

This huge bay mare is an amazing home bred mare out Chromed Out Mercedes by our own mare Starry Future winner of over $60,000. “Lennette” is a 6yr old mare ready for the show pen. She has a huge step in her turn around. This huge reining mare is 15.3 / 16 hands tall. She is an amazing mare ready to go show in the Derby’s. She is eligible for Novice 1 and 2, Lennette has come along nice and slow insuring a great mind and soundness. She is ready to be a part of anyone’s show program for any level rider.

GT Shiney Geym

10 yr old fancy show gelding for sale LTE of over $54,000 in Open earnings. This amazing gelding was raised and shown right here from our Summerwind Farm Team. He is ready to go on and be a Non Pro or Youth horse. This pleasant gelding would make a great addition to anyone’s show program. 

Show Horses For Sale

GT Shiney Geym  is 10 this year and is being offered for sale “Shiney” has won over $54,000 in his open carrier and is ready to become a Non Pro horse  or a  Youth Horse for his next step in his carrier you can’t go wrong adding this amazing gelding into your show program.

Poetic Justice is a 5yr old Palomino gelding that has won over $6,000 in his carrier this big gelding is ready to become your next Derby Horse or Non Pro Horse.

Boomed Out Mercedes is a huge Bay 6yr old mare she is fresh minded and ready to go out and make a splash in the Derby’s and is eligible for all levels of the Novice Horse. She will be an asset to anyone’s show program She is out of our great mare Starry Future winner of over $60,000 and her sire is Chromed out Mercedes. So check this cool mare out to ad to your show string.

Gato del Corazon is 12 yr big bay gelding being offered for sale he currently is being used in our lesson program this gelding is quiet and safe and an awesome to anyone’s program last year he was shown by a green reiner marking a 69.5 after pulling a shoe off in one of her stops. He is a great minded gelding safe for your youngest rider or your oldest rider. He is eligible for Novice 1 and Novice 2.

We also have 3 yr olds and 2 yr olds for sale contact us for an appointment and updated list of what is available for your string

Our Weekend at the VRHA Show

Congratulations to Tricia Tillman winning the Novice Horse Open Level 2 and Reserve Champion in Novice Horse Level 1 on Boomin In Lace for owner Kimberly Tillman.

Tricia Tillman finished Top Ten on Lil Ottie for owner Doug Robison in the Novice Horse level 1

In the Novice Horse Open Derby Tricia Tillman finished 3rd in the Novice Horse 2  Open Derby and the Novice Horse level 2 Open on John Wayne Tag.

Deb LaPorta was weekend High Point Champion in the Masters aboard her gelding Quick Chic Wolverton. Deb was also top five in the Non Pro and, Reserve Champion in the Intermediate Non Pro, what a great finish for the weekend for this Duo.

Kimberly Tillman showed her New gelding after only 3 rides and finished High Point Champion in the Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1. What a great start for this duo together.

Deb Semple had multiple top ten finishes in the Rookie and and Prime Time Rookie aboard her mare FS Miss Kali Whiz.

What a great weekend for our Summerwind Farm Team.

Thank you to VRHA for putting on such a great show.


In Georgia Tricia Tillman won the Open Derby level 1 and was Reserve Champion in Level 2 and tieing Champion and in the Intrmediate Open aboard John Wayne Tag

Debera Semple finished top ten on FS Miss Kali Whiz in the Rookie level 1 , Deb and Kali’s second ride finished 3rd and 4th in the Rookie and Prime Time Rookie.

Deb LaPorta was the Weekend Circuit Champion aboard her gelding Quick Chic Walverton in the Master’s. Deb was also very successful in the other divisions over the weekend.

Tricia Tillman was Reserve Champion in the Intermediate Open and top five in the Open aboard Boomin In Lace owned by her mother Kimberly Tillman.

Tricia Tillman finished top ten on Boomed Out Mercedes for owner Lee Gregory in the Novice Horse Open

Tricia Tillman Finished Top five on Poetic Justice in the Novice Horse Open for Owner Paola Simi.

What a great weekend for Summerwind farm way to go team Summerwind.


Congratulations To Lee Gregory with Tricia Tillman on her mare being top five in Georgia in the Novice Horse Open

Welcome Lisa Little and Rachel Miller to our Summerwind Family

Congratulations to Lisa Clyde on her recent Purchase of Chex out Ollie

Congratulations to Kimberly Tillman on her recent Purchase of Mercedes Shine

Tricia Tillman on GT Shiney Geym EPRHA October 2016

Kimberly Tillman and Boomin In Lace at the VRHA Show in NC


Tricia Tillman and GT Shiney Geym at the VRHA show in NC


Tricia Tillman and GT Shiney Geym for Owner Daryl Paules at the Dream Park


Patrick Fulton aboard Quick Draw at the Dream Park


Kimberly Tillman and Boomin In Lace at the Dream Park


Deb Semple and her mare A Smart Oriole at the Dream Park


Tricia Tillman on Starry Future for Summerwind Farm at the Dream Park

starry17 starry18 starry19

Tricia Tillman winning the Rookie Professional


Congratulations to Tricia Tillman And Owner Daryl Paules of GT Shiney Geym Tricia won the Rookie Professional and The Limited Open and was 3rd in the Intermediate Open today at the Carolina Classic in North Carolina. Tricia was also Reserve Champion in the Rookie Professional and Limited Open aboard Starry Future for Summerwind Farm we are so proud of this young lady.

GT Shiney Geym And Tricia Tillman in New Jersey


Tricia Tillman and Starry Future


Tricia Tillman and Boomed out Mercedes


Kimberly Tillman and Boomin In Lace


Patrick Fulton and SW Quick Draw