Patrick Fulton and SW Quick Draw


Tricia Tillman on Lil Ottie for owner Douglas Robinson


Douglas Robinson On Lil Ottie


Tricia Tillman aboard Boomed Out Mercedes



Congratulations to Kimberly Tillman aboard Boom In Lace winning Reserve Championship Thursday in the Novice Horse Non Pro level 1 and Level 2.


Congratulations Tricia Tillman riding Boomed Out Mercedes for Owner Lee Gregory finishing 4th in the Novice Horse level 1. Also Tricia Tillman finishing top ten aboard Lil Ottie for Douglas Robinson in the Novice Horse 1.


Congratulations Tricia Tillman riding GT Shiney Geym for owner Daryl Paules winning Reserve Championship in the Rookie Professional Thursday.

GT Shiney Geym and Tricia Tillman


Snowbird Slide, Perry Georgia


Kimberly Tillman aboard Boomin In Lace

Saturday morning lesson

Lyndsay and crackerjac


Tricia Tillman and Shiney

After the class marking a 142.5

10 yr old Lyndsay stopping Crackerjac


Tricia Tillman

Congratulations 2015 finishing 6th in the limited non pro Top Ten World Championship


Congratulations Tricia Tillman

GT Shiney Geym marking a 142.5 winning Reserve Champion in the Rookie Professional, Reserve Champion in the limited open, Reserve Champion in Intermediate Open, this duo also tied 3rd in the 7& up Derby lvl 1 and tied 4th in level 2 part of the Derby for owner Daryl Paules.

Walla walla bang bang 7&up derby


Tricia and Shiney after marking 142.5 first time showing together

7& up Derby Draw is up

Tricia is draw 10 on GTA Shiney Geym out 23 starting at 7:30

Tricia Tillman at the Snow Bird Slide in Perry Georgia

Photo to follow

Deb LaPorta Aboard Time Square

time square

Veronica and Chex out Ollie

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Custom Navigator and Tricia Tillman

Scan20160117_0112 (1)Scan20160117_0114 (1)

Tricia Tillman and GT Dun It Smartly

Scan20160117_0110 (1)

Victoria Gibson

Had a great weekend at the farm riding after recuperating after knee surgery. Great to see you back in the saddle Kiddo.

Tricia Tillman and Custom Crackerjac

Scan20160117_0109DSC_8207915EP T Tillman

Paola and Crackerjac bonding in the washrack


Adair and Skye at EPRHA show